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We have just left Chaguaramas Port, Trinidad to begin the JC133 cruise along the length of the Lesser Antilles. There was a small last minute change of plan, we were due to bunker (refuel) somewhere in Trinidad, but we were not able to do this, so the schedule has been brought forward. Now we are heading straight to our first location (point 1 on the map below) to the North West of Grenada (the southern most active island in the volcanic arc). Here, the DEPAS team will carry out a release test and then deploy their first OBS. We will then head to location 2, West of the Grenadines, where the SCRIPPS team will carry out a release test and deploy their first OBS. You can track our live position here:

Map of the JC133 expedition 

Last night we decided on our watch schedule. Vanessa chose the 8-12 (am and pm), Tim the 12-4, and I got the 4-8 slot. Im quite happy with my time as I should at least be able to catch sunrise and sunset, but we will see how it goes! There is a definite air of excitement amongst all those on board as we begin the expedition.

Leaving Trinidad

I haven’t spent more than 24 hrs on a boat before so I am not sure if I will suffer from sea sickness or not. I made the call not to take any tablets and just ride it out for the first few days. At least the potential for rolling seas has the positive knock on effect of keeping my room tidy, as anything left out could very quickly end up on the floor.